Cortina 2021 World Ski Championships: a legacy for sport and tourism

The World Ski Championships have left a legacy of skills and infrastructure that will benefit tourism. And the Queen of the Dolomites is now looking at the 2026 Winter Olympics.


The 2021 World Ski Championships (WSC) have come to an end. After two weeks of spectacular races, amazing victories and incredible skiing, the athletes have left the Dolomites and so have the many journalists and media who reported the event.

The 2021 World Ski Championships ended successfully, thanks to the outstanding performances of athletes and to the great effort of the destination as a whole to provide a great organisation, perfectly prepared slopes and a breathtaking setting.

But the closing ceremony was just a goodbye to the next events, marking once more the indissoluble tie between the Queen of the Dolomites and skiing. Indeed, the legendary Olympia slope will start again hosting every winter the Women’s Downhill leg of the FIS Ski World Cup. In 2025, Cortina will host the test event of the Olympics, and then, in February 2026, the Winter Olympic Games along with Milan.

The World Ski Championships were a great moment of sport, but their legacy goes further: they showed once again that Cortina is the ideal setting for sporting events, thanks to its natural environment, infrastructure and organisational capacity.

Cortina 2021 was also a way to put the resort on the international stage. The beautiful Ampezzo valley and the Dolomites surrounding it were among the protagonists of the event, and they are still there even after the closing ceremony, as a timeless asset carefully protected by locals. The same peaks serving as the backdrop for the ski races will be there, together with the town, the forests, the infrastructure and all the rest, to welcome guests the year round to enjoy the activities and experiences that Cortina has to offer.


Photo credit: Gabriele Facciotti


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