MW Experience: A new exciting adventure in Cortina to experience the mountains in winter

The new offer of the Col Gallina Lodge for winter 2019-2020 combines the wonders of nature, sports and history in an unprecedented and compelling path, designed to be accessible to everyone.  

A group of friends venture to high altitudes, in the heart of the snow-clad Dolomites, on a winter day, equipped with their back packs and snowshoes. With them is an Mountain Guide, who will accompany them in an exciting journey where, as explorers, they will travel not only through space but also through time. MW Experience is the latest project by Raniero Campigotto, the owner of the Col Gallina Lodge on the Falzarego Pass, starting from winter 2019-2020. An experience for everyone, also for those with physical disabilities, as the destination can be reached with the snowmobiles.


MW Experience is a combination of many things: a course to learn how to gear up safely for a high-altitude experience. A guided excursion, surrounded by the wonderful winter nature of the Dolomites – a UNESCO World Heritage site. A journey into the past, all the way back to early 20th century, on the front of the First World War. An occasion for sharing


Here’s how it works. You will set out in the morning from the Col Gallina Lodge, at 2,055 metres above sea level, you will have to bring everything you need to spend the night in a tent at high altitude. And so begins your excursion on snowshoes together with a Mountain Guide, who will lead your group to the stronghold of Cima Gallina (2,333 metres).


Your first stop will be an ARTVA camp, where you will practice using the avalanche transceiver. Then going up along the crest of Col Galina you will reach the Cima Gallina. Here you will learn how to set up a base camp by mounting the tents, where you will spend the night.


But, before sleeping on the top of the world with a spectacular view all around you, you will travel back in time thanks to an enactor in period uniform. On one of the strongholds of the Italian artillery, inside a restrucured war shack , you will have dinner just like soldiers did (with mess tins and local products), while the enactor tells stories and interesting facts about the conflict that took place on the Ampezzo mountains, the Italo-Austrian front.


Finally at nightfall, it will be time to go to bed in your tents, but not before looking for one last time at the mountain peaks all around, majestic in the dark. The following morning you will go back down to the lodge for a hearty breakfast before ending this exciting adventure.

The initiative is organised in collaboration with the outdoor company Ferrino (which provides the camping tents and technical equipment), the local mountain guides of  Cortina “Guide Alpine Cortina”, and Delicious Cortina.

For information and bookings: Rifugio Col Gallina | Tel. +39 0436 2939 – +39 339 4425105


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